About Us

About Us
     Hey guys! My name is Chris Hilburn and I'm the owner and head coach here at More than Conquerors CrossFit. My wife Laura and I have two children, Eli and Jaden. We have attended church at Lifepoint Church here in Albertville since 2008. I am a CFL1 and i'm the one with my shirt on in the pic, just to clarify. 
Why we do what we do
     It is really simple, we do what we do because we believe in CrossFit as a training methodology and we love CrossFit as a sport. CrossFit is accessible to all, from the grandparent to the elite athlete, as their individual needs vary by degree and not kind. Each and every WOD is infinitely scalable to your fitness level. If you would like more specific information about CrossFit or how we do things, just contact us or join us for our On-Ramp Class. 
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Chris Hilburn- Owner/Head Coach
Gym Rules
At our Box we only have two rules
1. Respect- Most importlantly, respect yourself. Respect those sweating with you, cheer them on. Respect the equipment, treat it like it was yours. Respect the process, follow the standards and go hard. Always respect the WOD, it can humble you quickly.

2. Never give up- You can yell and you can cuss. You can get fired up and rip your shirt off if that's your thing. You can cry, throw-up or pass out. But, never give up. Never.
On-Ramp Class
      This Class is mandatory for all new athletes unless you have previously been a member of another affiliate. The main focus will be preparing you for our CrossFit classes. We will go over a typical class schedule, explain some terminology and expose you to some CrossFit elements. The most important item we will address is learning the 9 foundational movements of CrossFit. We want you to be confident in how to move before you ever attend a class. The cost of the class is $25 and you get a free T-shirt! Contact us to let us know you are coming, or just stop by whenever we are open. See you soon!
Chris Hilburn-Owner & Head Coach
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